The Oxford dictionary defines selfie as a photograph that one has taken of oneself. These days selfie is very popular, especially in social media. Barely you can find a person with no selfie using social media and smart phone. Facial identity is huge portion of one’s identity and we try to put this forward through selfie. Anything beyond certain limit is supposed to be harmful. As like some digital games, selfie also has addictive trait in it. Internal processing of mind can’t differ between real and virtual world. When expectation is met, it makes feel pleasure and stimulates reward mechanism of the brain. Upon continuous repetition, there is chance of being addicted towards it. Recently, I got to know that psychiatrist started quoting it as “Selfie addiction: Is No Laughing Matter“. It is sure that all of us are not vulnerable to it but there are few people with poor mental strength who can be victim of it. People with poor mental strength are vulnerable to various ill things through social media, and if not supported they may harm themselves.
I have been out of the topic here. I wanted to talk about ‘Selfied Health’. In this combined words, health is used as identity (instead of facial) and the meaning of selfie is as above. Through this word, I would like to describe one health phenomenon, which I have observed and probably you too.
First lets talk about basic selfie. We take many shots and choose the best one to share with others. I would just like to relate it with health. Most of us try to show our best health to others, until it is in our control. I wonder if there was analogous apps like ‘Sweet Selfie’ for improvising and showing our health to others we would have tried that too. Basically I mean to talk about our showy nature for health and health related behaviors. That is not good at all and how to deal with it is challenge to public health as well.
One of the most talked public health intervention is hand washing. Based on my observation, I would like to state that most of the time people wash their hands just to show others. It has not still been their regular habit. About hand washing steps? when you put it in context, it becomes more relevant. Even those who wash their hands, mostly used to show they follow those steps, while in reality they often don’t follow them.
Our showy nature comes to its height when it comes to mental health and some risk factors related to non-communicable diseases. We do not want to show our mental illness to others. There are many other events you can relate with, so I do not like to discuss more about it.

Health is our modifiable identity. We need not to hide our health problems to make other feel that we are healthy. Hiding problems further deteriorate our health conditions. So express our health problems, communicate with others and get best support to improve our health.
Stay Healthy!